Geoff Achison

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Geoff Achison blues-roots guitarist vocalist songwriter. Jupiter 2 Records Australia

LATEST ALBUM: Sovereign Town (CD)


LATEST ALBUM: Sovereign Town (CD)


Geoff Achison’s brilliant, critically acclaimed songwriting project ‘Sovereign Town’ was recorded in the heart of the Victorian goldfields at Ballarat, close to where Achison grew up. The songs are thoughtful and at times, deeply personal, with Geoff’s vocal and acoustic guitar up front with sympathetic backing from drums, hammond organ, electric guitar and upright bass.

“Following in the steps of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, Geoff has created some of his finest work extolled in the stripped down song-craft of ‘Sovereign Town’– Billy Pinnell
“I cannot get enough of this brilliant recording”– Pete Williams
“Exquisite and timeless. I love this album from start to finish” - Phillip Smith
“Geoff Achison’s craftsmanship on the new record is near flawless”
- Forte Magazine

Featuring the song ‘Skeleton Kiss’
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Geoff Achison is on the trail again with Sovereign Town, an acoustic, intimate and song-driven album, inspired by Australia’s gold rush of 1850. It examines the imperative of leaving home to seek one’s fortune, love and destiny, while also considering that 'digging for gold’ comes with a cost.  

Geoff's concept on writing the title track:

 “Growing up in Malmsbury in the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Victoria’s goldfields, we had dull, grey mullock heaps all around us, remnants of the old diggings. We kids would explore the discarded mine-shafts and tunnels, daring each other to leap over huge holes in the ground. It was fascinating history, so much work that had been suddenly abandoned. As writing progressed, I began listening not only to the whispers of my own past but to the ghosts haunting the history of the area." 


Skeleton Kiss ♦ Miniature Men ♦ Walk Away ♦ Sovereign Town ♦ Wandsworth Bridge ♦ Misha Bella ♦ Small Town Crime ♦ World Of Blue ♦ Sleepwalking ♦ Hand Of Faith ♦ Rescue The Past ♦ Coolbardie Sunrise ♦