Geoff Achison

World Class Blues-Roots

Geoff Achison blues-roots guitarist vocalist songwriter. Jupiter 2 Records Australia

One Ticket, One Ride

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13.One Ticket.2009.jpg

One Ticket, One Ride

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Original Recordings: 2008
Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia and featuring Oliver Wood, Marty Kearns, Charlie Wooten, Yonrico Scott, the King Johnson Horns, Classically Blue strings and all backed up by bassist Ted Pecchio and drummer Tyler Greenwell. Funky, bluesy songs with clever lyrics and a healthy sense of humour. 

Album Tracks:
Sent To The Edge ♦ My Little Bag ♦ Magic Belt ♦ Blew My Top ♦ A Pocketful Of Spells ♦ One Ticket, One Ride ♦ Kinda Makes Sense ♦ Bootbanger ♦ Dogwood Days ♦ Soul To Soul ♦ Tying My Heart To A Stone ♦ Bridge ♦ Give Me Back My Numbers ♦ Testosta Rhonda