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Geoff Achison blues-roots guitarist vocalist songwriter. Jupiter 2 Records Australia

Bruno's Blues (Children's Book)

Bruno Blues Cover Complete 2016_000001.jpg
Bruno Blues Cover Complete 2016_000001.jpg

Bruno's Blues (Children's Book)


Children's Picture Book
‘Bruno’s Blues’
is a story & picture book for young children written by Michelle Achison with illustrations by Wilhe Mitchell.
It tells the story of a Bruno, a young kelpie pup from Australia, who finds an old guitar and discovers a passion for making music. With practice, determination and family support, he travels to the big city of Melbourne to meet with master musicians. The story and Mitchell’s delightful illustrations follow Bruno’s adventures towards achieving his goals and sharing his love for music with the world. Michelle Achison is herself married to a professional musician and she conceived of Bruno’s Blues when reading bedtime stories to her own son. The book is self-published and available exclusively from the website of Michelle’s husband, musician Geoff Achison. It was first released in 2016.


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Beautiful hard-cover children's picture book written by Michelle Achison and illustrated by Wilhe Mitchell. It tells the story of Bruno, a young kelpie pup from rural Australia who falls in love with the sound the blues.

 Bruno felt that he wasn't good at anything until a chance encounter with an old guitar revealed a hidden talent. With the support of his family, the wayward young pup embarks upon a musical journey. 
Where will it take him? 
Who will he meet?