Geoff Achison

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Geoff Achison blues-roots guitarist vocalist songwriter. Jupiter 2 Records Australia

Another Mile Another Minute

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Another Mile Another Minute


CD Album
14 tracks

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14 original songs recorded at HS45 Studios, Melbourne 2016
Showcasing all new material and featuring his band, The Souldiggers with some very special guests; this album showcases Geoff’s ever-evolving song writing flair, flowing effortlessly through a variety of styles. 

 High Wire
 Delta Dave  Working My Way Back Home  I'm Gonna Ride  A New Bad Habit  I Wish You Were Mine  Another Mile, Another Minute  Make No Mistake  Dreaming I'm Awake  Sum Peeples Got All Da Fonk  Baby Come Back  I Need Help  Make My Stand  Front Porch Farewell

Album Reviews:

(This disc) is brilliantly eclectic and wide ranging, clearly one of the best albums I’ve heard so far in 2017.”  Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine

“The vet Australian roots rocker comes back with his first new set in way too long and it should serve to be an international career maker. A killer amalgam of 70s sounds from before MTV and AOR codified everything and there was room for something with a beating heart to break through, this set is already up for every award in it's home turf and it's easy to see why. Folk? Blues? Roots? It's all here and it sounds glorious without a pre fab note in the bunch. Well done.”  Midwest Record


Achison refines a type of emotional realism ideally tailored to his gift for songwriting. “High Wire” in particular makes a strong claim to be a minor masterpiece of conflated blues, rock and soul.” 4 Stars.  Frank John-Hadley, Downbeat Magazine

“Geoff Achison is a gift to all lovers of American blues and roots, and this may be his best album yet.”   Rhetta Akamatsu, Making A Scene!

The range of genres across the tracks, the tightness of the musicianship of the band, Geoff’s brilliant guitar work ... all go towards making this album a highlight of the year! –David Roman 2ssr FM 99.7 

This album should be all over the radio! –John Ward, Only Blues Music, Australia

A new Geoff Achison album is always cause for celebration and he delivers in spades once again on this eclectic offering. It is brimful of his endearingly gruff vocals and incendiary, world-class guitar work–Duncan Smith, Top Shelf Music 89.7FM 

“This recording is his crowning achievement. Buckle ‘em up and take the ride… ”Black Jack Ketchum, WRFG-FM Atlanta GA

 “Achison seems to channel the legendary soul and blues greats while crafting a sound that is uniquely his.  All fourteen songs are masterfully written, performed, recorded and produced. The result is some of the rawest yet smoothest song crafting you’ll hear this year.”  Randy Patterson, Boomercity

With killer guitar stylings, and that seasoned, burnished vocal delivery, Geoff Achison breathes vivid life into the characters and events of Another Mile, Another Minute, making this one a stone groove fest, indeed!  Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society

“Those who attend blues festivals regularly are likely familiar with this Australian guitar player as he’s been a regular on the U.S. festival circuit for years. With a voice that recalls the late great Joe Cocker, Achison’s forte goes beyond traditional blues and here he offers a set of subdued R&B, percolating blues-funk, shimmering jazz rock that would make Steely Dan fans smile, and of course plenty of straight ahead blues.”

“Achison brings to his album clever orchestration, weaving of styles and his distinctive vocals that deliver lyrics that we can all relate to. Definitely worth the wait.”  Blues Doodles UK

 “Crack Australian guitarist Geoff Achison has made up for lost time with Another Mile, Another Minute, a vibrant and diverse bunch of foot tapping blues and funk songs that should bring a smile to your face and lighten up your day.  Part New Orleans funk, hard blues and soul – they are all done impeccably.”  Rob Dickens, Listening Through the Lens AU

Another Mile, Another Minute is a great accomplishment. Achison’s voice is raspy-smooth like a honeyed Tom Waits. Pick up this record for a glimpse into the highs and lows of the world of the blues, and for a journey of thoughtful lyrics and flawless melody.   Blues Rock Review

“Geoff Achison and his UK version of the Souldiggers totally blew me away!!! He's one of the finest musicians I think I've ever seen live, as good as any of the names I've seen. The quality just oozed through all evening, consummate professionals and utter groovemasters all of them...” Tony Corner, Blues-Rock Radio UK

“Got a minute? Would you go a mile to see a great musician? Good! Because Geoff Achison is traveling many, many miles to bring his blues/roots to our neighborhood. …All these Southern roots, weaving all the way to Australia. And back. That’s more than a mile, and it surely took more than a minute to cook up so much talent that has influenced Geoff, but also allowed him to define his own path. He’s in the driver’s seat, but it’s nice to know many other fine musicians have often been and still are in the passenger seat.”   SC Index-Journal