Geoff Achison

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Geoff Achison blues-roots guitarist vocalist songwriter. Jupiter 2 Records Australia

20th Anniversary Session (digi-code)

Geoff_Achison 20th Anniversary CD Cover Art.jpg
Geoff_Achison 20th Anniversary CD Cover Art.jpg

20th Anniversary Session (digi-code)


Geoff Achison & The UK Souldiggers
20th Anniversary Session
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An exciting ‘live’ album release featuring Geoff Achison's mighty UK Souldiggers with internationally acclaimed drummer SAM KELLY, sensational keys man PAUL JOBSON & rock solid bassist ANDY HODGE. The group set up at Mike Thorne’s Rimshot Studios in Kent mid-tour 2018 and put on a superb show for a small but enthusiastic studio audience. The sheer joy of playing music is evident on this disc as the band barnstorms through a set of on-stage favourites and impromptu jams.

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Geoff Achison – Vocals, Guitars
Paul Jobson – Keys/vocals
Andy Hodge Bass/Vocals
Sam Kelly– Drums

Showcasing the fabulous UK Souldiggers on exciting NEW live versions of on-stage favourites!

1. Sugar Sweet
2. One Ticket, One Ride
3. I’m Gonna Ride
4. Working My Way Back Home
5. Feel Like A King

6. Big Machine
7. Voodoo
8. Souldigger
9. Little Big Men
10.Walking Blues