Geoff Achison

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Geoff Achison blues-roots guitarist vocalist songwriter. Jupiter 2 Records Australia

20th Anniversary Concert 1994-2014


20th Anniversary Concert 1994-2014


Double Disc CD/DVD pack

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Fantastic 20th Anniversary live concert recorded at The GH venue in Melbourne, Australia March 2014. Geoff & The Souldiggers perform a smoking set of some of their best loved songs spanning two decades of inspired, instinctive music making. 

“… this is an exemplary live record - the sound is spot on and the video footage is crystal clear; this isn’t a cut-rate exercise, this is pro all the way.”
Samuel J fell Rhythms Magazine

Tell Me Something I Don't Know  Crazy Horse ♦ Rule The World  Natch'l Fax ♦ Adam & Eve ♦ Jungle ♦ One Ticket, One Ride ♦ Magic Belt ♦ Help Yourself ♦ Living In Fear ♦ Be Careful What You Wish For ♦ Stepping Stones (DVD) ♦ Souldigger (DVD)
Plus Bonus Tracks (DVD)
Gettin' Evil ♦ Kerry Lou ♦ Overtime