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Live at Guitars Across The Bay (2011) Souldiggers
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Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers
Recorded Live at Guitars Across The Bay: 2011
Souldiggers: 8 Live Tracks

Their sensational and electrifying live shows have thrilled Melbourne audiences for years. In March 2011 the guys tore up the stage at a Williamstown festival. Sound-man Paul Wilson realised this was a special performance and was thoughtful enough to press the 'RED' button. The band were unaware they were being recorded at the time, but were thrilled with the result.

This set documents the band at a time when many new songs have found their way into the live show over the past few years and have evolved markedly from their original studio versions. If you like the way the Souldiggers played when you saw them live, then this is for you!

Crazy Horse / Rule The Wolrd / Stepping Stones / One Ticket, One Ride / Magic Belt / Souldigger / Never Give It Up / Reach For The Sky

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